LA companies have started their business

Los Angeles is becoming more and more popular among new start-up companies that bring to life new ideas in the technology industry. Whether you are looking for work or fun, Los Angeles has both in abundance as it strives to become one of the most prosperous cities in United States

A city driven by innovation

One of the largest economies in United States, Los Angeles is home to the ever developing international trade. The city is the second by size in United States, just after New York, and it specialises in high-tech industry mostly. The driving force behind Los Angeles is entertainment, fashion, aerospace, computer technology and energy production.

You will find many world-known companies here such as the major film studios Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures. So it’s no wonder that Los Angeles is regarded to as the entertainment capital of the world.  The technology sector in the city has greatly expanded in the recent decades and now employs over 200.000 people.

Los Angeles is also known as Silicon Beach

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is a city of many aspects, but besides the world famous entertainment and fashion industries, it also features many companies that changed how we use technology on everyday basis.

In the recent years, many high-tech companies migrated to Los Angeles due to low rents and sunny weather.  The city became the fastest growing startup region in whole of United States. Some of the companies you will find here are Snap Inc., known for their famous image chatting client Snap Chat (, Google (, known for their superb search engine, the huge online social media site Facebook (, and many others have all built their offices here – in the area known as Silicon Beach ( which is encompasses parts of Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and Venice.

Perhaps one of the most known locations in Los Angeles is Hollywood, known for its film and music industry contributions. Home to some of the most renowned institutions, the city of Los Angeles has also hosted the Summer Olympic Games several times in the past and there is a possibility it will do it again in 2024.

Future development of the City of Angels

One of the most prominent places in Los Angeles is Silicon Beach, found in the western region of the city, it started to see an increased development of new companies. Silicon Beach has been home to over 500 new start-up businesses in the recent years. This has led some of the biggest companies to set up shop in the region like the famous video game maker and publisher Electronic Arts (, popular search engine Yahoo (, and the social networking site MySpace (

Los Angeles is synonymous with startups

Los Angeles has become one of the largest technology hubs in the passing years which made the whole region more attractive for giant tech companies like AOL (, a multinational media corporation and EdgeCast Networks (, a global delivery service of digital media.

Due to the large increase in new companies, Los Angeles has a number of incubators that accelerate the growth of start-ups. Accelerators and incubators like Amplify.LA ( and TechStars Cedar Sinai ( are just two of many places where new companies can get support they need to start developing. Start-up companies raised something over 500 million dollars in the first half of 2013, and this resulted in creation of almost 100 new businesses.

Los Angeles has become one of the leading forces to support new companies and their ideas. Ideal place to go looking for opportunities, Los Angeles tech community is always striving to bring new ideas to life that help the world and humanity as a whole.